Visiting Palmetto Court


If there’s a significant injury or a fire, call 911.

The closest hospital is Bravera Health hospital in Crystal River, about 15 miles away. 

6201 N Suncoast Blvd, Crystal River, FL 34428

For minor issues, there is a first aid kit in the kitchen pantry.

There is a fire extinguisher and smoke alarm in the kitchen and also in the laundry room.

The house has a water cutoff valve outside. It is under a cover plate behind the hose box, under the front door landing.

For emergency issues, please call Andy at the number provided to you in your welcome note.

Check in

You should have received your door code via VRBO messaging. If not, or if your code does not work, call Andy at the number provided to you in your welcome note.

Formal check in is at 4pm. In many cases it’s OK if you’re early but please let us know in advance to ensure that the housekeeping team is ready.

We have coffee available to get you started. Hotel-style bath soap and shampoo are provided.

Check out

When you’re ready to depart, just be sure to close and lock all the doors and windows, be sure the garage doors are closed, and hit the “lock” button on the front door keypad. Our housekeeping team will take care of dishes, linens, towels, and trash.  If you set the thermostat to a different temperature, please just turn it back to 72.

During your stay

Trash. If you’re staying long enough to need to take out the trash, there is a big can in the garage and there are extra trash bags under the sink.

Temperature. The thermostat is along the wall next to the wash room in the main living space. It is internet-connected and shows the current weather forecast. Note that this is not connected to a sensor, it is just showing weather data for the area. It resets itself daily, so if you want to make a permanent change you’ll have to change the schedule options in the thermostat menu.

Back yard. Access to the back yard is only through the back of the garage. You’ll have to go through the workshop. It’s a nicely closed area where you can let dogs out and know they won’t have any way to get out. There’s also a dog-scooper in the workshop.

Laundry. You can leave your towels and linens in the basket under the sink in the master bathroom. If you are staying long enough that you’d like to do laundry, the laundry room is downstairs in the foyer between the inside garage doors. There is a full sized washer and dryer. In the cabinet there is a limited supply of detergent to help get you started.

Linens. There are extra sheets and towels in the linen closet in the master bathroom. While they are not clearly marked, there are extra sheets for the king, queen, and the twin beds. There are also extra pillows and blankets in both the linen closet and the closet in the second bedroom.

Missing or broken? There is a “fix-it” whiteboard in the laundry room. If you see anything that needs fixing, or if there’s something we’re missing that would have improved your stay, please put it on the board and/or send us a note in VRBO mail or to

Televisions. There are two televisions, one in the living room and one upstairs in the loft. The house has a full package cable subscription and each television has its own cable box. The televisions are “smart” and can be configured with accounts for Amazon, Netflix, etc. If you log in with your own account for streaming, you are strongly encouraged to remember to log-out when you leave.

Network. The house is outfitted with wifi and a 100mb broadband connection. The network and password are provided in your welcome note.

Coffee maker. There is a simple drip machine in the kitchen and some coffee and filters in the can.

Miscellaneous notes.

  • The window blinds move up and down by grabbing the bottom of the blinds and pushing or pulling. There is no drawstring. It took us months to figure that out.
  • The bathroom tub is a Jacuzzi tub. The tub stopper is a “Rapid Fit.” To lock it closed, push it down and hold it, then push the far edge that says “close.” To open it, push it down from the near edge that says “open.” That will only really make sense when you do it the first time. Seriously, some things in this house feel like the steps you’d take to figure out an escape room. Note that the actual Jacuzzi jets have a leak in the plumbing, so please don’t run them.
  • There are seat cushions for the outside porch chairs in the mirrored closet in the master bathroom.
  • There are air mattresses and an air pump in the mirrored closet. There is a large empty room under the roof through the door in the loft, which can be used as a temporary extra bedroom.
  • There is an alarm system in the house, but it is not activated.